Family Resources



The NMPED is working to address the homework gap and would like you to review the following emergency offering: Internet at home

The Estancia Public Library has also graciously opened their network, which can be accessed from their parking lot. The wi-fi password has been posted on the front door of the facility.



The state has provided numerous resources for families who have been affected by the COVD-19 outbreak including information for workers, help with utilities, food, childcare, and healthcare. Follow this URL: Getting Assistance



State Hotlines:

Health Hotline: 1-855-600-3453

Information Hotline: 1-833-551-0518

Senior & Disabled Adults Food Access Hotline: 1-800-432-2080




Dear Parents and Students,

I do hope you are doing well and taking care of yourselves! We are in a unique and uncertain time as we navigate through life during the outbreak of COVID-19. During this time, we are all learning to provide for our students in a new way. Should you or your child have a question, please know that I am available. I can be reached through e-mail at: If you need to schedule a call for any concerns, please e-mail me first and we can schedule a call.


Talking to kids about COVID-19

Family It can be difficult talking to kids about what is happening and what COVID-19 is. The following is a link to a great resource for talking to children about COVID-19:

The best way to help our children is to talk with them. Reassure them of what you are doing to keep them safe!     

Below is a list of resources provided by the National Association of School Nurses:


Chariti Sanchez MSN-Ed, RN

Lori Ortiz MA