Mrs. Covert


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     Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 School year! What a crazy time this STILL is. We are in uncharted territory and each day is a learning experience to present awesome, engaging, and meaningful information to our students. Distance learning is evolving fast as students across the nation are forced to meet remotely. 

     I do hope you are all safe at home and well. Hopefully, we will be together again soon. Until then, it is important to be present in this new platform. Showing up to class is crucial as attendance will be taken each day for every class. As Special Education students, it is my desire to help you in this endeavor and gain the skills needed to be successful.

    or my students, each week I will be uploading 2 videos for Language Arts and 2 videos for Math to support my students.

     Weekly we will meet in Google Classrooms. I am trying to schedule with OT, SLP and Social Work who are hoping to provide services on Fridays. If you will be on campus for these services, we can meet in the classroom if that is preferable.

      I will also contact my students and their families at least once a week, starting August 17th, 2020. I am looking forward to working with you in this learning adventure. My phone number/extension is posted here so feel free to call and leave a message with concerns anytime. I will check that regularly and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I may be working from home but I am still available M-F 7:45 - 3:15. If you are not available outside those hours, let me know on the message what time is good for you and I will try to call then. You can also email anytime, I will be checking that daily.


    Let’s have a great, exciting new school year!!!



    Be kind, be safe and stay healthy,

     Mrs. Covert

    email: tama.covert@emsdbears.us

    Phone: 505-384-2005 x2544