Here are 10 photographs of basic shapes.  Select one that you wish to draw for the Basic Shapes Drawing.  You are only required to draw a total of three shapes.  If you select an image with more than three shapes, you can eliminate the additional shapes from your drawing.  Make sure you do so in a compositionally pleasing way.  Our class on Tuesday (Sept. 8th) will talk about composition to help you with selecting a grouping of three that have a pleasing composition.  Download your selection so that you can use it as a reference as you draw.  You can right click on your chosen image and select "save image as."



    bASIC sHAPES #1           Basic Shapes #2


    Basic Shapes #3           Basic Shapes #4



    Basic Shapes #5           Basic Shapes #6



    Basic Shapes #7           Basic Shapes $8



    Basic Shapes #9           Basic Shapes #10







    To the Parents of all Middle School Art Students


    Basic Shapes Drawing


    Between the hours of 10:00am and 1:00pm on Friday August 28th, please pick-up your student's art supplies and tools from the Production Arts Building.  Plastic bags (sealed, sterilized and labeled with their name) will be placed in the planter box to the left of the doors.  This will be a drive-up opportunity with no contact with anyone.  YOUR ARTIST MUST HAVE THESE MATERIALS IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CLASS.  THIS IS THE SECOND OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO GET THESE MATERIALS.  ONLY FOUR SHOWED-UP LAST FRIDAY!


    Drawing Supplies




    The arts at Estancia always ends the school year with a play and an art show.  On May 22nd, we performed online the play "Last Chat" and it was a huge success!  This week, I am pleased to present our...


    5th Annual Estancia HS/MS Art Show

    (Online & Virtual Edition)



    2020 Art Show Poster


    Art Show Virtual Gallery






    The play "Last Chat" was performed on May 22, 2020...the evening before graduation.  As a result, only a few people were able to see the play live.  I did record the performance so that all of you will be able to enjoy it.  The play runs just over 20 minutes.  The members of Estancia's Blackout Theater Company are pleased to present, "Last Chat" by Emily Hageman...


    Video of Live Performance of "Last Chat"



    Last Chat Logo