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    Auditions Announced!

    Mr. Moffatt is pleased to announce our Main Stage Production for the 2018-2019 school year, Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit!  Auditions took place during 7th Period and after school on Thursday, September 13th, 2018.  Performance dates are tentatively set 7:00 pm on November 16th and 17th.  There will be in-school Buy-Outs on November 19th and 20th.

    Blithe Spirit concerns the socialite and novelist Charles Condomine, who invites the eccentric medium and clairvoyant, Madame Arcati, to his house to conduct a séance, hoping to gather material for his next book. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife, Elvira, after the séance. Elvira makes continual attempts to disrupt Charles's marriage to his second wife, Ruth, who cannot see or hear the ghost.


    Cast/Crew List


     Welcome to the Art Room/Theater!


    Mr, Moffatt


    I'm Mr. Moffatt and I teach Middle and High School Visual Arts and Theater Arts.  This is my third year at Estancia!  There will be many exciting new opportunities this year.  They include a new Art/Theater Club (Art, Ink.), A high school chapter of the National Art Honor Society, multiple guest artists and workshops, a greatly expanded metals/jewelry medium, a new acting class, a new slumping/fusing glass medium, braized metal sculpture and more!  I hope that this site will become a valuable resource for parents and students.  I will work to keep it updated and containing everything you need to know about requirements, events and opportunities!  Most importantly, this will allow us to effectively communicate with each other.  Come back often because there are always exciting things happening in the Production Arts Building!  It promises to be a fantastic year in the Arts at Estancia!





     Art, Ink.


    The first meeting of Art, Ink. will be on Monday, October 1st, 2018 during lunchtime.  Officers will be elected at that time.  Membership is open to all Estancia Middle and High School students.  Participation in Club events is limited to students with a 2.0 or better GPA and no discipline referrals.  Please come back to this page often for details of the group as it is formed and events are scheduled!



    Courses for the 2018-19 Fall Semester


    1st Period   1194 Theater Arts (Acting) - Developing your "instrument"   (voice & body), technique and experience for the actor.


    2nd Period  1161 Art Studio (Advanced) - Self Directed projects in any medium selected by the artist (in consultation with the teacher).*


    3rd Period  1163 Sculpture 1(Advanced) - Popular semester-long Life Casting Project.  An artistic exploration of your cultures or literature by a small group of artists.


    5th & 6th Periods  1187 Introduction to Art (2-D) - Prerequisite introduction to the visual arts for Middle School artists.  Class includes projects in diverse mediums.


    7th Period  1194 Theater Production Arts - In addition to acting, artists will learn costuming, make-up, scene design, stagecraft, lighting design, special effects, sound, and more.  All areas of production for our main stage production, dinner theater and ENMU Drama Festival competition entry come from this class.  Each member of the class will pick a specialty and a production(s) for participation.



     * Please contact Mr. Moffatt for details.






    A new charter is being created this year for an Estancia High School chapter of the National Art Honor Society.  Please check this page for additional information, as it becomes available.