The eventful 2019 - 2020 school year at Estancia is at an end.  As usual, the arts at Estancia always ends with a play and an art show.  On May 22nd, we performed online the play "Last Chat" and it was a huge success!  This week, I am pleased to present our...


    5th Annual Estancia HS/MS Art Show

    (Online Edition)



    2020 Art Show Poster


    Art Show Virtual Gallery






    The play "Last Chat" was performed on May 22, 2020...the evening before graduation.  As a result, only a few people were able to see the play live.  I did record the performance so that all of you will be able to enjoy it.  The play runs just over 20 minutes.  The members of Estancia's Blackout Theater Company are pleased to present, "Last Chat" by Emily Hageman...


    Video of Live Performance of "Last Chat"





    I just learned that grades must be turn-in on May 15th.  That means that all work must be turn-in to me on May 14th so that I can record your grades.  





    Week Five Meme




     Week Five Video 5/4/20 (click here)




    Week 5

    (5/4/20 thru 5/8/20




    Welcome to Week Five!  At the end of Week Four, you were to submit a progress image of your final project!  If you have not done so, please submit one now so I can give you credit for working on your project.  So here we are, at the end of the 2019-2020 School year.  To all our seniors, I am very sorry that this year was memorable for some of the wrong reasons...



    Senior Tribute



    So, we are at the end of the school year.  Even though this is the last week of the five week grading period, know that you will have at least one extra week to finish your work in my classes.  I will give you right up till final grades need to be turned-in.  As of this writing, that date has not yet been determined.  I will keep all of you posted on here, on the Facebook Group and by email.  Stay tuned for that.


    Meg Carreon as Sherlock Holmes

    Meg Carreon as Sherlock Holmes 


    I have exciting news to share!  Last week, Meg Carreon accepted the lead role of Leah in the play "Last Chat" by Emily Hageman.  This play was just written specifically for the ZOOM MEETING PLATFORM during this time of social distancing and it will be presented LIVE ONLINE sometime during the week of May 11th (TBD).  Invitations to see this short and POWERFUL play online will be sent to all staff and secondary students via email.  This will also be Meg's directorial debut!  If this is as successdul as I hope it will be, it is likely that we will be doing several more online plays throughout the summer so please keep checking your student email for further invitations.  NOTE: ZOOM has limitations on the number of participants at an event so the performance will also be recorded.  Admission to the LIVE performance will be on a first come, first admitted basis.  There will be a MEET AND GREET session with the cast and crew after the performance.  The author is also expected to be in attendance.


    If you scroll down (just past the "also" graphic), you will see five additional plays listed for production as Final Projects extending into this Summer.  If you participate as a technician or performer in any of these plays as your final project, it will fully satisfy your total tequirements for this Five Week Term!  ALL ART AND THEATER STUDENTS ARE ELIGABLE TO PARTICIPATE.  If you are behind in my classes, this may be your best opportunity to PASS my classes!  Please contact me via email if you are interested.


    So, that is it for this year!  Please know that the Facebook Group, ARTISTS OF ESTANCIA HS/MS is now up to 40 members.  The Group will continue after the end of the school year.  After the school year ends, membership will be open to ALL Estancia students...past and present.  This is a great way to keep in touch and hear about what will be happening in the Fall.













    The following was pasted here from the Facebook Group page:



    Cancel Notice


    I network with theater teachers all over the country!  A teacher (and playwright) named Emily Hageman has written three plays designed for the ZOOM MEETING PLATFORM and is offering them to us free of royalties.  These plays have never been produced before!  Both my performance class and my technical theater class could collaborate and do these plays for your final projects!  Here are the three six scripts (if you are interested):


    "Hack3rz" Script 



    "Last Chat" Script



    "Batman Vs. The Joker" Script



    "Mightier than the Sword" Sctipt



    "The Definition of Done" Script



    "The Tree of Life" Script






    Creative Meme




    Week Four Video 4/27/20 (click here)




    Week 4

    (4/27/20 thru 5/1/20)




    Welcome to Week Four!  If you completed your Concept Book to the best of your ability, you likely have a very goof mental image of the finished work of art.  But before you begin working on your project, let us take a moment to consider the medium you will use on this project.  You likely had a preconceived notion about what medium you wish to use...acrylic paints, sculpture, pencil drawing, an Andy Goldsworthy type of installation (google him), performance art, create a prop for Peter Pan, etc.  Before you begin creating your art, I would ask you to consider this carefully.


    There is an advertising adage called "The Medium is the Message."  It states that how we communicate is at least as important as the message itself!  This is something worth considering as you begin your final project of the year.  Here are some considerations when selecting a medium:


    1.  Will your selected medium allow you to finish in two weeks?  Some mediums are more time consuming than others.

    2.  The medium can increase understanding of your message.  Have you considered this?  Don't be afraid to try something new!

    3.  Do you have the materials and tools you need to create a successful work of art?  Unlike my classroom, you are likely on your own and limited to what you have on-hand!

    4.  How much time are you willing to devote to your project?  I want your best effort but I also want you to finish!


    Once you have decided on your medium, Look at the time you have, decide how much time you are willing to work on it, set a deadline and create a schedule that meets that deadline on a calendar.  Be specific about what you are to complete each and every day!  SCHEDULE YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR SCHEDULE!






    You are now ready to begin!  I hope all of you will create something that makes you PROUD!  To create something that did not exist before is one of the best of human experiences.  Do this project for the sake of PASSION!  At one time or another, I have seen passion in all of your eyes.  You always give your best effort when you are passionate about what you are doing.


    In closing, I want you to know that if you need guidance or you get stuck, contact me and I will help you push through the difficulties.  Remenber, nothing worth doing is easy.  What is most important to me as your teacher is that you give your best effort, you are passionate about you intent (what you are saying) and that you FINISH WHAT YOU START!  Everything else icing on the cake!






    Bear Safe




    UPDATE 4/22/20

    As I promised in your Week Four instruction (below), I am doing a final project along with all of you. This is my Concept Book and journal entries for my project (in progress).  I am preparing to do final drawing of my concept so I am nearly finished with this week's work.  As you can see, I have concluded research for reference materials to be used in my sculpture. I hope your project is as exciting for you as mine is for me!




    Monday (April 20th) was your last chance (and there have been many) to get your journal. After today, they will be returned to storage in my classroom. Not having it does not free you from doing the work.  No further opportunities will be provided to give you a journal this school year!



    Why I allow cell phones!



     Week Three Video 4/20/20 (click here)




    (4/20/20 thru 4/24/20



    Concept Book Flap (click here)


    Concept Book Thumbnails (click here)



    This week we will be starting a project that will take us through the end of the five weeks grading period (and beyond)!  Since we are all sharing an integrated art class, you may feel free to work in any medium you choose.  In other words, 3-D students can paint and actors can sculpt.  Of course, you can stay with the the medium you've been studying all year.  Actors, you can conceptualize and shoot video of a performance piece, if you wish.  There is a way for you to install a flash drive into your journal which I will show you at a later date.  For instance, if Eladio wishes to do another animation, he can do that as well and send me a copy of the file via email or post to the Facebook Group!  In any case, I am certain that all of us will love seeing your work!  As each of you come forward with your concepts, I will work with you to define the scope...how big...how long...how detailed.  My goal is for everyone to finish by the end of the term.


    The two links (above) are what Week Three is all about.  This week we are exploring a method of organizing your ideas (your intent) to come-up with a project that ends this school year.  You will have the remaining three weeks to finish (or as much time as is available until final grades are due).  I will expect to see progress each week in the form of these (and future) assignments and enrichment activities.  This week, you will organize and submit your idea for approval.  All members of every class must submit their concept book for approval.  Please understand that I will likely not reject any concepts other than those that were not submitted for approval.  Of course, all projects must conform to the standards of the Estancia Municipal School District.  EVERYONE MUST DO A CONCEPT BOOK AND SUBMIT IT BY THE END OF THIS WEEK. 


    The following are the proceedures for creating your concept books:

    1.     Save the two documents (above) and print them in the landscape orientation (if you are able).         

            -  Print these two documents front and back (if you are able).  If you are not, print them separately and paste together.

            -  If you are unable to print them, take a sheet of paper and create the documents by hand.  This is how it is done in class.

    2.     Fold the printed, two sided document on the fold line (as seen below)...


    Folding Concept Book


     3.     Glue the part marked as "glue this portion only" (on back) covering the entire surface of that area...


    Concept Book Glue


    4.     Attech it to the left page of your journal (as shown)...


    Concept Book in Journal


    5.     Concept Books always begin with looking inside yourself.  I want you to find a private spot and reflect on everything that has been happening over the past several weeks.  It's a lot, isn't it?  I want you to pick five words (or phrases) that express what stands-out to most about this period of time for you.  For instance, here is my thinking about my own experiences during this period of time:


            -  WORRIED...I am worried about many things...my granddaughter, son, wife, myself, my extended family and all my friends.

            -  MISS MY STUDENTS...I consider every one of you a part of my extended family.  I want to with you again, soon!

            -  COVID-19...It amazes me that something that didn't even have a name a couple months ago could change the world.

            -  ISOLATION...I spend all but a few hours a day alone.  I crave contact with all of you who may also be alone too much!

            -  DETERMINED...I am determined to continue to live my life well in spite of this, in the most normal way possible!


    6.     Write YOUR five words in numbers 1 thru 5 in your Concept Book...


    Concept Book 5 Words


    7.     Translate those five words by creating at least nine thumbnail sketches of ideas in the blocks under the flap.  These do not need to be eelaborate sketches.  They only need communicate your ideas.  If you can do thay with stick figures, that is enough!  One of these sketches do not jump-out at you, create another thumbnail page and keep sketching until one does jump-out!  That's your concept!


    8.     Give your concept a name and write it where it says Title.


    9.     Write a brief Description in the space provided.


    After your Concept Book is finished, use it to create a final concept (detailed) sketch of your project idea on the facing page.  You can also use other pages in your journal for research and planning of your project.  If a sketch isn't appropriate for your project (acting, for instance), provide me with support materials that explain your project.  An example would be that if you are going to perform a monologue, put a copy of the poem you write, the text from a play, or a lyric on the facing page.


    Your finished Concept Book and Concept Sketch are due Friday, April 24th.  Your final project will be due on Friday, May 8th or a couple days before final grades are due (TBD).  The remaining two weeks will have their own deadlines to insure that everyone stays on-track and finishes on-time!


    That's it for Week Three!  As of this writing, our Facebook Group ARTISTS OF ESTANCIA HS/MS has 33 members!  Please join us!  I've seen many outstanding cover designs for the journals.  Proud of you all!  I will be posting my own Concept Book as I create it to the Group.  My project will be a new sculpture which I will post as it is created.  Our Group isn't just about these five weeks, it is for the future, as well!  Miss you all and please keep safe!







    Reminder: Week One work (see below) was due Friday, April 10th.

    (I am still accepting Week One work and I will continue to do so until I have made every effort to reach all of you.)


    Week Two Video 4/14/20 (click here)


    "Where were you when...?" for my generation.

    Kennedy Assination



    "Where were you when...?" for my son's generation.




    "Where were you when...?" for YOUR generation.

    COVID-19 Pandemic


    Week 2

    (4/14/20 thru 4/17/20)


    As the pictures above illustrate, different generations have an event that occured during their lifetime that will forever be an important memory.  We tend to remember where we were and personal details about our perception of that event.  For your generation, this pandemic will likely be that event.  Your project for this week is to write yourself a letter in your journal that reminds your future self (20 years from now) about how you feel at this moment in time, what is hardest about living through this situation, what are you learning about yourself, and how you wish for it to change you in the future.  I would like for you to add at least one illustrative element that relates to what you write.  How you choose to illustrate your letter will be your enrichment activity this week.


    That illustrative element could be a printed copy of a meme that shows something that you relate to or experienced.  It could be a photo you take during this time, a drawing you make, or a poem you write.  The point is to create a meaningful document of your life at this time and place.   If you see journaling becomming a part of your artistic expression going forward, you may consider several entries (over time) that can be used for artistic expression now and in the future. 


    Here are your specific tasks for my classes in Week 2:

    • Continue to reach-out to your peers to join us!
    • Last week, you were asked to design the cover for your journal.  This week, add that design to your journal.
    • Write the letter described above in your journal.
    • Add an illustrative element to your letter.
    • You can either post a cell phone picture of these entries to ARTISTS OF ESTANCIA HS/MS or email it to me my on Friday, April 17th.


    NOTE: Students will be given two points per week for engaging and participating in this distance learning.  No assignments will be extended beyond the Friday of each week.  These points will determine your PASS/FAIL status in this class at the end of the five weeks.


    That's it for Week Two!  I continue to call those of you I've not reached, to date.  I am trying to call about a dozen students a day.  I want all of you to know that I will keep trying to reach you by multiple means.  Please feel free to reach-out to me.  I would really like to know that each and every one of you are OK!  If you are able, please join us on the Facebook Group I created for us named ARTISTS OF ESTANCIA HS/MS.  As of this writing, there are 32 members of the group.  I can see the Group coming alive as our numbers grow!  Join us!





    Week One Video 4/6/20 (click here)



    Studio Art Class


    Studio Art 2


    Acting Class  



    Updated Friday, April 3, 2020 at 3:00pm




    Would it surprise you to know that I miss all of you very much?  I am writing to you to offer you the opportunity for us to stay in touch during the closure and beyond.  This will take several forms and happen starting now and extend beyond a couple weeks.  As you all likely know, the physical schools have been closed for the year as of today but that does not mean that we are done learning!  Artists are students of LIFE and we will continue to learn together.  I have watched many of you begin to see yourselves as artists…actors, painters, photographers, sculptors, puppeteers and more.  Please keep in mind that events keep changing faster than we can keep-up so hang on...it's gonna be a bumpy ride!  I have taken several steps to get us rolling. I have been wanting to do this for years but it wasn’t a priority until the closure.  There will be many opportunities for you to acquire copies of the many photos I have taken of your work and memorable times in the Production Arts Building this year (and before).  This is a way to show your work as an artist outside the classroom to your peers and get valuable feedback.  Seeing how fast things in the world are developing, I’m a bit uneasy and you may be, as well.  Spending some time together might allow us to support each other with some much needed normal!


    So, for the next 5 weeks, we will suspend the projects we've been working on in your individual classes and do some common projects with each other that apply to all of my classes.   I just do not have sufficient materials and tools to supply each of you remotely.  So this will be ART LITE with a heavy emphasis on fun, support and continuing to grow as artists!


    Mr. Moffatt



    Funny #1



    Week 1

    (4/6/20 thru 4/10/20)


    A journal for each student has been sent to the school and will be distributed to each of you within the next two weeks.  Journaling will be a central part of my classes for the remainder of the school year.  We will proceed with journaling activities and you will paste entries into your journal when it arrives.  I am requesting that all students in this class do the following to get us organized for the remainder of the school year:


    • Make contact with me via email, on the Facebook Group (or both)...Artists of Estancia HS/MS.  Join the Group!
    • Do an 8.5 x 11 inch cover design sketch for your journal.  You can draw, paste or paint your design on your journal when it is delivered to you in the next two weeks. Take a picture and send it to me via email or post on the the Facebook Group.  michael.moffatt@estancia.k12.nm.us
    • On Friday, April 10th at 1:00pm, I will be doing a LIVE CAM event on ZOOM by emailed invitation for all students who have sent me an email as confirmation that they are participating im my classes and have internet access.  A recorded version will be made available to students with no email access (at a future time).  More information will be provided by Wednesday.  This is not mandatory!

    NOTE: Students will be given two points per week for engaging and participating in this distance learning.  No assignments will be extended beyond the Friday of each week.  These points will determine your PASS/FAIL status in this class at the end of the five weeks.


    That's it for Week One!  See that isn't so bad.  I will be calling those of you who do not have internet access this weekend to discuss our options for your participation.  The school did a phone survey of all families to determine this information.  If you do not have access either with your smart phone or internet (using your laptop), I will try and come-up with a way for you to participate.  No student will fail due to a lack of access!  If you are participating in other classes but not mine, you will not pass this five week remote learning opportunity.  Please Join us!