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    Mrs. Walker's Classes
    Welcome! It is time again for the fresh start to a new school year! For some of you it is your last year in high school, and others it is the first time being an upper classman.  What an ominous yet exciting prospect. My goal is to make sure you are prepared to either pass the required state assessments, or to leave high school with several tools you can use post- graduation in a workplace or academic setting. I will embrace every opportunity to foster your love of learning and a desire for knowledge through a wide variety of different teaching techniques and types of schoolwork. I will try my best to accommodate each student's learning needs as I believe that each child needs to be given the best chance of success in order to insure an equal opportunity for learning. 
    Thank you for visiting the class website. I hope you find this to be an invaluable resource to help keep you up to date on what is happening in the classroom and what is expected of students. Please refer to the "Assignments" and "Calendar" links at the left under your class to check specific daily assignments.
     If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me via Email, phone to the school, visit me during my office hours, or by note.
    (505) 384-2002
    Mrs. Walker