• Happy New Year!!!!

    Mrs. Chavez's Classroom

     Brain Caps

    Happy New Year! Our Anatomy and Physiology students have been busy learning about the Nervous system, pictured above are the students with their brain caps! Spanish I students started the year off by learning the vocabulary associated with La Familia. They made family trees and watched a film about a family from here in New Mexico. Spanish II students learned about artesianas, the hand made arts and crafts found in mercados, they each hand painted an image of a famous Latino, some of their work will be featured in the school art show in April. Chemistry students took the benchmarker growth exam and scored very well! Atleast 90% percent of our students scored proficient of better! These kiddos have been busy studying orbital diagrams, electron configurations, lewis dot structures, and the periodic table. This is a Science text book adoption year, my collegues and I are currently researching the best resources that will meet the needs of our students.


    Classes for 2018-19 School Year

    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Spanish I
    • Spanish II
    • Chemistry


    Next Generation Science Standards