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    Mr. Randol Riley - President
               Mrs. Elaine Darnell -Vice President                   
    Mrs. Kendra Otis - Secretary
                         Mr. Lee Widner - Board Member                  
       Mr. Kenneth Lujan- Board Member
     Mr. Joel Shirley - Superintendent of Schools
     "Good Schools Make Fine Communities Better."


    • The Open Meetings Act (adopted on June 12, 2018) has been revised to indicate that all regularly scheduled meetings will be hosted at 6:30pm as opposed to 6:00 pm.


    • Although meetings are typically hosted on the second Tuesday of every month, the Board of Education made a motion to host the July, 2018 meeting on July 17, 2018 as opposed to July 10, 2018 in order to ensure that pertintent district staff is available.


    • Lauren Jones was recently awarded the 2017 New Mexico School Boards Association Scholarship! Only eight students throughout the state were presented with this award and we are honored that an Estancia High School graduate was chosen. Great job and best of luck in your future endeavors!NMSBA_2017

    • We are excited to announce that Mr. Kenneth Lujan has been appointed to fill the Position #5 vacancy! Mr. Lujan will take his oath of office at the Regular Board Meeting on May 9, 2017.


    • We would like to thank Mr. Jesus Lucero for his many years of service on the Estancia Municipal Schools Board of Education. Mr. Lucero selflessly served our community and helped make Estancia Municipal Schools one of the best locations in the state for students to receive a quality education. We are forever grateful!


    • Congratulations to Mr. Lee Widner for being elected to serve on the Board of Education! Mr. Widner took his oath of office on March 14, 2017 and is excited to serve his first term!


    • Agendas for the Board of Education will now be posted online, you can find them all attached in the "View Agendas" link to the left!


    • The Estancia Municipal Schools Board of Education's Meetings begin at 6pm. You can review all information related to the Open Meetings Act in the link above.


    • The Estancia Municipal Schools Board of Education values your input and has elected to host a Public Forum Session at Regular Monthly Meetings. Just show up a few minutes early to submit your request to President Riley and make sure to follow the Public Forum Rules.


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