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    Board Picture  
    Mr. Lee Widner - Secretary
    Mr. Keith Sandy - Board Member
                        Mrs. Elaine Darnell Vice President                  
                         Mrs. Kendra Otis - Board Member                  
    Mr. Randol Riley - President   
     "Good Schools Make Fine Communities Better."

    **Please see below "news" regarding changes to the September Meeting

  • Latest Updates:


    • The April Board of Education meeting has been rescheduled by unanimous approval from Tuesday April 13, 2021 to Thursday April 15, 2021. Consideration to move all future meetings to Thursday will be discussed during this meeting.


    • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and state mandated restrictions on mass gatherings, board meetings will be held virtually and the details pertaining to how you can access the meeting will be released on the agenda.


    •  We are excited to announce that Mr. Keith Sandy was elected to join the Board of Education; Mr. Sandy took his Oath of Office in January of 2020. 


    • The Estancia Municipal School District would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Kenneth Lujan for numerous years of service!


    • We are closely monitoring the 2021 Legislative Session and are looking forward to positive changes within the school system!


    • The Estancia Municipal School District Board of Education values your input and has elected to host a Public Forum Session at Regular Monthly Meetings. Just show up a few minutes early to submit your request to President Riley and make sure to follow the Public Forum Rules.


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  •  If you have any questions regarding the Estancia Municipal Schools Board of Education or are interested in being on the Board of Education Agenda, please contact Brenda Blaisure at (505) 384-2006 or