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    Mr. Randol Riley - President
                        Mrs. Elaine Darnell -Vice President                  
    Mr. Lee Widner - Secretary
                         Mrs. Kendra Otis - Board Member                  
       Mr. Keith Sandy- Board Member
    *Updated pic coming soon!*
     Dr. Cindy Sims - Superintendent of Schools
     "Good Schools Make Fine Communities Better."

    **Please see below "news" regarding changes to the September Meeting

  • Latest Updates: 

    • Due to weather conditions the Regular School Board Meeting for February 11, 2020 has been rescheduled to February 18, 2020.


    •  We are excited to announce that Mr. Keith Sandy was elected to join the Board of Education; Mr. Sandy took his Oath of Office in January of 2020. 
    • The Estancia Municipal School District would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Kenneth Lujan for numerous years of service!


    • We are closely monitoring the 2020 Legislative Session and are looking forward to positive changes within the school system!


    • The Estancia Municipal School District Board of Education values your input and has elected to host a Public Forum Session at Regular Monthly Meetings. Just show up a few minutes early to submit your request to President Riley and make sure to follow the Public Forum Rules.


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  •  If you have any questions regarding the Estancia Municipal Schools Board of Education or are interested in being on the Board of Education Agenda, please contact Brenda Blaisure at (505) 384-2006 or