• Discipline Plan

    Mrs. Atkinson

    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    There are specific rules and procedures that I expect each student to follow to get the best out of their education.  The following is an explanation of the discipline plan that will be in place in our classroom this year.


    Expectations (rules)

    1. Enter the classroom quietly and promptly.
    2. Come to class prepared. This means with your materials needed for class.
    3. Show verbal respect. This includes the teacher and your peers.
    4. Show physical respect. Give everyone their own personal space.
    5. Put forth your best effort. Ask questions when you’re not sure.
    6. Complete assignments in a timely manner. Use your time wisely and efficiently.

    Expectations also include following all school rules and request of all staff members.

    Daily Conduct Procedures (Consequences)


              1st     Verbal warning and office notified.

              2nd     Verbal reprimand and phone call to parent/guardian.

              3rd     Discipline referral to office.


    *Severe Clause:  Sent immediately to the Principal’s office.